Truth PN 41131 Swisco Old Style Sash Lock & Keeper | Cav1 Cav2 Cav3 Cav4 Cav5 Cav6 Cav7 Cav8 Cav9

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Truth Part 41131 - Tilt Window,  Sash Lock and Keeper,  PN 41131 MV- 10500668 - Double Hung Tilt Out Window Sash Lock and Keeper ( w/Release) - SEE THIS NEW LINK FOR ALL FINISHES AND PRICES -  Truth Hardware: PN 41131  


Other finishes available at upcharges as appropriate for - Antique Brass, Satin Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, ORBZ PVD, Brass PVD, Satin Nickel PVD, and Polished Chrome. ( at additional costs )


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SKU: 10500668