Mortise Lock For Patio Doors

Price: $33.88


Mortise Lock

  • Replacement mortise lock has a slot for sailshaft at 45º or 90º angles :

    Mortise Locks, Mortice Locksets, Mortise Assemblies inside your patio door - there are different sizes, combinations, keyway angles, E2014 Mortises, Adjustable, Spring Loaded Hook Latches, Projection Latces - mainly for all kinds of Aluminum and Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors Like Guardian, PGT, PPG - many constructed of Wood, Aluminum Clad Styles, All Wood and Vinyl Sliding patio doors like Marvin, Integrity - There are many types, many sizes and many styles of mortise locks and Locking Multi Point Systems and many brand name types used over the many years.