Double Casement Style Window Operator - LEFT HANDING Face Mount Style Truth

Price: $55.92

Casement Operator , Face Mount Style - NOTE: This is a special order item and non-returnable. This is not the "most common style unit" for normal OEM Casement Windows. Operator #WFI-RF-14 - PLEASE LOOK CLOSELY AT CONTOURED FACE AND OTHER PARTS - left handed or right handed casement operator is needed. To determine handing: looking at the window from the inside, if the lock or lock handle is on the left, a left handed operator is needed. If the lock or lock handle is on the right, a right handed operator is needed.

Operates sash sizes from 24" up to 40" wide and 84" high, weighing up to 108 pounds. Dual Arm provides over 7" of washability with the standard hinge. Used with #1497 hinge and #11576 Track (sold seperately). Also available in Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel hinge #1497SST and Track #11576SST (sold seperately).