Casement Sill Stop Cover Part - Biltbest Window Replacement Part

Price: $55.92

BiltBest Window Parts Only ( not Marvin ) Casement Sill Stop - Wood Cover Housing

OEM Replacement Part for BiltBest Casement Windows - this is referred to as the "inside stop" piece. These sill stops are held on with trim nails or screws and are either painted or stained by homeowners. They come to you as unfinished a-grade wood and we suggest you seal all sides. Take care when removing old units that may be held by old caulking, varnish or paint - we suggest you break the "seal" with a clean razor. Note: If no "cutought side" is outlined by you then we will ship a blank unit for field cutting.


CLICK HERE for Casement Sill Stop Measuring Instruction PDF 

SKU: bbrp-00027